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Ice and Warmer Climates

I could talk about how horrible my day started out. Things like icy roads on my way to work for an early board meeting. Followed by my board president falling on the same ice and hitting his head. Serious enough, my treasurer to him to the emergency room, leaving me at the office to clean up all the blood. Things like being half an hour early for a lunch meeting and almost leaving when the other person walked in. Things like having my daughter unhappy with me because I tagged her in a Happy Birthday post on Facebook. She didn’t want anyone to know how old she is. I think I should be the one to not want anyone to know since I’m obviously older.

But I won’t. I’m going to tell you how thankful I am that my board president is okay. I’m thankful that I’m going to spend the weekend with my friend and colleague, Dawn. She is in desperate need of a hug and I intend to deliver. Plus it will be 65 degrees there on Saturday in southwestern Tennessee. Long drive, but I will listen to a book on the drive. Right now a really long drive sounds relaxing.


Comments on: "Ice and Warmer Climates" (5)

  1. You always look for the positives, sorry about your coworker. Ouch! Have a safe ride to Tennessee.

  2. Sorry your day had major issues. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned.

  3. That was a scary incident. Sorry about Andrea’s sensitivity. Katrina only uses her FB so long lost people can find her. She made me unfriend her so I would not accidentally tag pics with her name. She only uses an account in her daughter’s name to post pics and interact with the world. Weird. Enjoy your time in Tennessee. You are a good friend.

  4. That’s quite the fall, take care out there! 🙂

  5. Yikes! That ice can be so dangerous. This is precisely why my in-laws have been “shut-ins” for the entire winter. They are not steady on their feet and are afraid to slip. Glad all is ok. Enjoy your trip! Hugs are awesome and free.

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