Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for


What a great day.

We went to my friend’s grandpa’s house. She feels about him like I feel about my dad. He is 88 and still lives alone. What a great man. Then off to the town she works in. Antiquing. It was fun.

But then to Bell Buckle. A teeny little town with the Bell Buckle Cafe and a bunch of little shops. The cafe was crowded and we had an hour wait at 1:30 in the afternoon. But they seated us right next to the entertainment.

It was four older guys with guitars. They were performing live on a local AM radio station (and for us). I bought their cd. The one old guy came and autographed it. And then when they were done kept coming over and flirting with me. He was the young old guy. But still an old guy.

Then off to the Arrington Winery. We should have known when we saw all the cars how busy it was. There were literally hundreds of people there. They have a hostess stand to check in to get on the list for the tastings. It was a 3 ½ hour wait!!!! We didn’t wait. But we bought wine and took it home. A bottle of chambourcin and reisling plus a bottle of blackberry wine to take home to Indiana.

Home and two bottles of wine later, we are feeling no pain. But I must, sadly, get up and get on the road by 9.

Today I’m thankful for time with friends. Thankful for perfect spring weather. Thankful for wine, giggles, tears. She keeps telling me how much she needed this weekend (and wants me to stay), yet I feel like it was as much good for me.

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  1. Love wineries. Wish I could go to a few around here. Reminds me that I have a bottle left over from my last trip through the Finger Lakes. That ‘old guy’ story was rather cute.

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