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Wasting Time

I woke up at 6:30. Stretched and laid in bed, wishing I could have slept longer. But I needed to get moving. So, I headed to the bathroom. Turned the shower on….and the power went out.

So, now I’m nekkid and cold and fumbling in the dark (darn time change) to get back to the bedroom and fetch my bathrobe and my trusty iPhone with its flashlight. Out to the cold garage. Why didn’t I put in slippers? Checked the breaker box. It all looked okay.

By now I’ve made enough noise, that Warren is awake. Banging around in the dark and opening doors will do that I guess.

I called the electric company to report the outage. By the way, there are no lights across the road or next door. Typically, I would see something. Anyway, the chick on the phone proceeds to ask me if I’ve tried turning the main breaker off and on. Yes, I did. I told her it didn’t appear anyone had power. She then tells me they will send someone out, but I me the first phone call. Am I sure it isn’t our breaker? Does the first person to report always get the third degree? I wanted to say “listen lady, I’m not a morning person and this is going to make me late for work.” Of course, I was polite, or as polite as a non morning person can be when they are now going to be scrambling to get ready for work.

This all happened 50 minutes ago. Still no power. At least it is starting to get light outside a bit. But I have things to do. I hope this doesn’t last long.


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  1. Ever hit ‘like’ to acknowledge a post and then feel bad that you did? I’m really sorry you’re going through a cruddy morning. Though I do think the first person who calls in an outage gets interrogated like James Bond just before the final battle. I love (loathe?) when they ask you to check your breaker box and you have to explain that it’s in the darkest recess of the basement, you already checked, and you’re still picking spider webs off your face. That last one is probably just me. Fingers crossed that this gets fixed quickly.

    • I hope so too. Or people will be exposed to disheveled me. I guess I can take my flat iron to work and try and do something with it. Just wash up in the sink, apply makeup in the dark. Then wrestle with the garage door and try and leave. Trouble is there is no way to secure the door after we leave. I’m getting whiny.

  2. Hang in there, the day can only get better xxx

  3. Power company, phone, internet are all the same. I think there is only one main call center staffed with monkeys and a recorder. Hope it all comes back on.

    • Warren called and said he saw a car that had failed to negotiate a curve and took out a utility pole. Wires everywhere. I’m assuming it will be on before I get home tonight.

  4. That sucks – at least the pipes and head won’t freeze right away…

  5. Hope it’s better now. Cold showers are the worst!

  6. Hopefully you are home by now in your brightly lit warm house!

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