Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

Was that title confusing?

Today I went to the town I work in for a short networking event early this morning. Then off to pick up one of my key volunteers for the drive to Indianapolis. We were attending a conference and speaking at one of the sessions. Long drive and I’m really tired tonight. I left home at 7 this morning and got home at 8 tonight.

But I’m really thankful that was all scheduled for today and not yesterday. Yesterday we received another 7″ of heavy wet snow. Roads were horrible. Slush created ruts. It turned cold again and was just horrible ice. Power outages lots of places due to the very high winds. Schools cancelled again yesterday and even again today. So, I’m really thankful I didn’t have to drive in that mess. As it was it took me forever to get to work.

Comments on: "Today is today and not yesterday" (7)

  1. No wonder you are counting the days until spring…seems it never ends. Glad today was a bit better than yesterday weather wise. Get you some rest. HUGS!

  2. Hope that’s the end of the snow for you.

  3. We dodged the snow but not the arctic temps! Sigh. I hear things will be warming up some in the next few days. Donde esta el sol???

  4. My friend Dave in the Thumb area of Michigan where we lived said it was 4 degrees last night up there. This winter needs to get the heck gone big time. I hope it doesn’t hang on longer than usual.

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