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Where has the time gone?

I’ve been absent it seems. I thought I had written but it appears I only did in my mind. I’m going to blame it on this nasty cold. I spent all day Saturday sleeping. I went from one nap to another. Lost a whole day. Oh well, at least it was the weekend and I didn’t miss work.

I have two college students coming to job shadow me tomorrow. I can’t imagine it will be a very exciting day for them. I have gotten clearance for them to go with me when I go to kindergarten and read. Other than that, I have an appointment with a banker to talk about a cd up for renewal and later an appointment to ask a business to support our kindergarten initiative. I bet they will be thankful when their time is up.

Warren went to a first birthday party for his granddaughter today. We’ve been together for 18 years and his kids never invite me to anything (that’s a subject for another blog someday), but I was actually invited (even though in twelve months I’ve not laid eyes on this child). I sent a gift (a book of course) and he told them I didn’t come because I was sick. I felt bad about not going, but didn’t think I should cough all over her.

I just about have my next poetry collection formatted and ready to publish. I spent the day working on that. Thankful I had a block of uninterrupted time to work on it. I’m also thankful that I am co-authoring with a talented poet. Look for it in a few weeks.

Thankful I had an uneventful, productive weekend and feel totally rested and ready for the week.

And my adorable grandson had a couple of photo shoots himself this weekend. Thought I would share. He’s growing up.






Comments on: "Where has the time gone?" (5)

  1. Adorable pics as usual. Hope your cold is better and you enjoy the shadowing today.

  2. He is just so wildly free and adorable.

  3. You truly are a SUPER WOMAN. Geeeeezzzz! I admire your ability to do so much at once. Looking forward to the new book! Your grandson is CRAZY adorable!! What fun.

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  5. Oh! He’s so cute in those glasses!
    Hope you feel better soon…

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