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Oh how I understand this. Sigh


It talks back to me: “sorry, the user name or password is wrong.”   images-1       The computerized message then offers me the option of changing the password, leaving me to have yet another password to remember in place of the one I just forgot. What genius figured out that if I can’t remember the password I already have I’ll surely remember its replacement? I tremble and quake at the thought of being asked for my password for anything. What if I can’t remember? What if I say the wrong one? What if I’m not who I think I am?

Does the government have a secret list of Password Irresponsible People known in the trade as “PIPs?” If they do I am surely on it. At the head of the list, in fact.

Unknown   The computer insists on requiring passwords for everything signed into. And the pundits warn not…

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Comments on: "I HATE THE WORD “PASSWORD.”" (1)

  1. My husband has to change his passwords for doors and computers every two weeks at Lockheed. They are defeating the purpose. Now he has to keep them written down some place for reference.

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