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Job shadowing

I had two social work students from Ball State who wanted to job shadow me today. Really, what they wanted was to interview me. But, they spent the morning with me asking me all kinds of questions. And I made them go with me to kindergarten and watch me read.

It wasn’t so bad, but I really didn’t have time. But all in the name of educating our youth and preparing them for their future.

Kindergarten was fun. They were pretty lively today. I read When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic. Yep, Weird Al wrote a book. A children’s book no less. It was really quite cute. And the kids loved it.

I’m still coughing up my lungs. Surely that will end soon.

So, what am I thankful for today? I’m thankful it’s nearly spring. I just wish someone would remind Mother Nature. Our temps this weekend are going to be 20+ degrees below normal. But I’m still thankful spring is getting closer.

How about you? How’s the weather where you live?


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  1. Still cold here. I forgot about that Weird Al book. I got it from the library once for my son before he was big into reading. Should look for it again.

  2. boooooo hissss! on the cold weather, what a load of poooo.

  3. It poured rain heavy all day and we were under tornado watch all day and warning briefly. I always loved preceptorships and orientation of nurses becuase they were fresh, new, and eager to learn, not jaded like us old nurses) but it did slow me down with getting my work done.

  4. bgbowers said:

    It’s supposed to be autumn here, but summer is having a final fling with us. Wanna swap? 🙂

  5. I wondered how the shadowing would go. It’s tough when someone is shadowing and you don’t have much to show them. I am sure you answered all their questions and they probably loved going to the class. 🙂 Haven’t been out yet nor have I looked out the window. Why bother? hee,hee.

  6. Today is WI it is sunny sunny sunny!! Not a cloud in the sky and it is going to be about 50 today! I even cracked a window open to get some fresh air in the place.

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