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Mother’s Day

Two years ago yesterday, my dad called me sobbing. My mother had collapsed and EMS had airlifted her to Fort Wayne to the hospital. She was unconscious. I drove faster than I should have to go pick him up and take him to the hospital. The next 24 hours were both long and short. As I called appropriate family members and we waited for my daughter to get home, I sat with my dad. He didn’t sleep at all. We didn’t want to turn off the machines until my daughter got here, but it became evident the next morning early that we needed to let mom go. She passed within a couple of minutes.

I have been angry that she left us. We found out that she had had some mini strokes (or what we think were mini strokes) but didn’t tell us. She also hadn’t taken her blood pressure medicine for some time (because she didn’t like to take pills).

My mom and I weren’t particularly close – truth be known, she drove me crazy. But hindsight is 20/20 and I can see some of the reasons now.

My dad was devastated – she was truly the love of his life. I was worried that he would shrivel up and die himself. Fortunately that hasn’t happened yet. But two years ago today, my life certainly changed.

I miss my mom. I miss sharing things with her. I miss telling her about the wonderful things my daughter is doing. I miss sharing the cute things Soren does and says.

But this is a blog to talk about what I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for the years I did have with my mother. I’m thankful for the example she set for her entire family. I’m thankful she took such good care of my dad. I’m thankful it wasn’t a lengthy illness. I’m thankful that she is still in our hearts.


Comments on: "Mother’s Day" (5)

  1. I extend a warm embrace. Honestly and emotionally well conveyed.

  2. Hugs. Good positives.

  3. Oh boy. How tough for both you and your dad! I lost my father too soon as well and you never stop missing them. Hugs.

  4. A big hug for you, Pamela, for sharing this with us.

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