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I found this a very difficult book to review. I was anxious to read it because of the real story. It was like reading two books simultaneously. Two books that overlapped for a brief time. The writing style was very slow paced. It was a quiet book to read. I imagined if it was being read out loud, it would be read by someone with a very soft voice in a most unhurried manner.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book that told of the girls. It was a difficult subject to read but I wanted more of that story. The other part, with Jane and Harry just seemed disconnected somehow. I don’t even know how to put into words how it made me feel.

I don’t know that I can recommend this book. But I can’t discourage anyone from reading it. It was good, yet it wasn’t. I gave it three stars. But really, the story about the girls was a five star story and the story about the writer was a one star story.


Comments on: "Thirty Girls by Susan Minot Review" (3)

  1. I hate it when a book disappoints me. Thanks for the review. what’s next on your reading list?

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