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Spring has sprung

First day of spring is finally here. It was snowing for a bit (just flurries fortunately) at my house though. And the sun didn’t come out until this evening. But the hope is that it will start to get warmer soon. I’m so ready.

Started out my day at the Mayor’s prayer breakfast. My table was actually with a group of very nice people. Our congressman was the speaker. He is a very nice man and I was able to chat with him about connecting my daughter with his wife. His wife and her sister have opened a bridal shop in the DC area and Andrea’s bridal gowns would be perfect. Hopefully things will work out.

Then off to a meeting that I thought would last twenty minutes. An hour and a half later I left but was energized by the possibilities of some partnering.

I had vowed that I was going to spend my afternoon reading a book for work. That didn’t really happen. I only got about 20 pages read. At this rate, I will never get it finished.

Oh, and it learned a trick for my iPad keyboard that will come in handy. In fact, I’ve used it writing this post. Love learning those tricks.

So, you can see I had plenty to be thankful for today. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.


Comments on: "Spring has sprung" (8)

  1. Congrats on the productive day. What’s the iPad trick?

  2. Finally, SPRING!!!!! I’ll take it! 🙂

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