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Flip Flop Friday

What a day. There was actually a dusting of snow on the ground this morning 😔

I woke up at 4:00 AM! Who gets up at that hour??? Could not go back to sleep so I finally just went to work. Flip flops and all…in the snow! But it is Spring so it’s all good, right?

Had a bit of news that wasn’t particularly good. Just means an unexpected change in direction.

Then off for a manicure. Snow is all gone. I knew it wouldn’t last long. The afternoon was a planned time with a friend. We had a blast. Finally back in town to stop and see my dad for a bit. Then home to drop stuff off before running over to my uncle’s house.

So, now I have my visiting done for the weekend. I have nothing planned. And I’m really looking forward to that. I need to just lay around and read. Warren will be gone. I may not even get dressed tomorrow 😉

It is supposed to be back into the 40’s tomorrow. Today was nearly 60. Don’t you love how the weather teases us?

But today my toes were happy toes. They felt free and unconfined by the restraints of shoes or boots. I could absolutely live in flip flops. Really, I could!

Today I am thankful for flip flop weather. Thankful I already had a pedicure so I wasn’t embarrassed to expose my piggys. Thankful that today was (mostly) a great ending for the week and the beginning of a relaxing weekend.



Comments on: "Flip Flop Friday" (3)

  1. I just love those alone and lazy kinds of week-ends. Enjoy!

  2. Good Lord – you need to move to Vegas. Sunny, 70+ and I was in flip flops and T shirts. No matter, we will not move north ever again. Bare those toes…

  3. Blowing a nice and warm breeze to your location, shouldn’t take much time to arrive 🙂

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