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The Accidental Cootchie Mama

[A guest post by MTM]

Meriwether Lewis was far more human than the comic-book history hero depicted in the grade school textbooks.

Imagine his emotion having led his crew of 30-some tough men to drag and row their crafts upstream for over a thousand miles, only to be faced not with the gentle crest of a continental divide, but the vertical wall of the Rocky Mountains. Imagine the doubt and the defeat, and then appreciate the leadership it must have taken to get his Corps of Discovery to ascend that wall to see the unknown that was on the other side.

Lewis and Clark accomplished their remarkable Journey early in life. What kind of demon must have haunted an explorer who discovered the limits of land, and then had to return to some kind of ‘desk job.’

When Meriwether Lewis was walking up the Natchez Trace in…

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