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I love tranquility. I’m surrounded by noise and chaos a lot of days. So I really appreciate tranquil Saturdays.

Too bad I really didn’t have that today. I got up earlier than I wanted but then my daughter texted me to tell me her car had been stolen from in front of where she lives.

It gets better. She just moved to the west side. The last time she lived on the west side in this same general neighborhood, she had her car stolen. And a couple weeks later, her boyfriend had his stolen from the same house. She did get her car back. But it was stripped beyond recognition. No seats, no windows, only one door, no hood, no engine…you get the idea. And the stupid city made her pay the impound lot fee. It was like $75. It wasn’t her fault it was even there. That was four years ago. She had a good paying job and a mom who ponied up money to replace the very expensive infant car seat and the stroller in the trunk.

Fast forward to today. Struggling to make ends meet, driving a jeep that looks like crap. Except for the brand new (as in 2 days old) tire I just paid for since she had a blow out. No reason to have full coverage on this heap of junk. Oh wait, there is one reason for full coverage….theft. So no insurance claim can be made. The police response? Don’t park your car in Ohio City. Really? What about all the people living there? Why can’t the police do a better job of either preventing thefts or catching the evil people who commit these crimes?

So, my day has been consumed with looking for something I can afford. She has no money. And now no transportation to the grocery store, Soren’s preschool, her studio to work. Oh, and on top of that, she had a garment rack and a few of her couture collection still in it from her show. Fortunately, the most expensive gown was not in there.

I’m not generally a vindictive person, but if I could get my hands on these criminals, I would show them a new kind of revenge.

Sorry, today’s post is not very upbeat. I’ve spent my day trying to figure out what we can do. Mama’s tapped out. But I can’t not help somehow. I may need to take a second job. I’m just really weary. Sad. Furious. Frustrated. And a lot of other things I can’t verbalize right now.



Comments on: "Tranquility" (14)

  1. I’ve been keeping you and your daughter in my thoughts and prayers all day! Ugh, I’m sorry that this happened to her. It truly stinks! I hope that you find a solution quickly. Today, I’m thankful that she has a mom like you!!

  2. I’m not going to Like this post – America is a slap-on-the-wrist country when it comes to crime, hence the proliferation. These crooks should have their hands cut off at a public showing. Make a spectacle of it, show that there is indeed a price to pay. But oh no – that’s not politically correct to pass out punishment for a crime in our PC country today… I hope you find a solution. What a load of dookie.

  3. I think I’m more pissed off about the police response. Do a freaking patrol of the area or something?

  4. I’m sorry for all of this, I wish I could take it all away. I’m surprised though about the frequency of these car thefts, as well as the police response! Something serious needs to happen, what exactly I’m not sure.

  5. What a rotten deal all the way around. Why can’t people just leave people alone and not do these terrible things? It’s a rhetorical question; I just just get how people can do bad things! I hope all works well for your daughter and you.

  6. Sorry, but when cops respond like that I can’t help but feel like they know who the culprits are but won’t respond because somebody is getting kickbacks somewhere, or somebody’s related to somebody. This bites all the way around. Prayers and thoughts your way. Andrea has a wonderful mom.

  7. How terrible! I’m so sorry this happened to you and your daughter.

  8. Holy crow that stinks! Warm hugs and better days, Pam.

  9. Oh Pamela! How horrible for your daughter – not only her car stolen but some of her work 😦 Today is Sunday…I hope you were able to hibernate for at least a few hours today.

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