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I hate numbers

I have never ever been a numbers person. Hated math in school. Really hate accounting. I passed my college accounting because my professor felt sorry for me I think. But some of it must have rubbed off and I learned a couple things

My finance committee at work met with our auditors today. I’m pleased to say that the auditors first sentence was “everything looks great and you continue to show an extremely strong financial position”. I said, “okay, then we are done, right?” That got a laugh all around. But essentially, we were. They just continued to talk about what a great job we are doing and how strong we are.

Honestly though I hate my finance meetings because I feel out of my element. They start using accounting terms and my eyes glaze over. But they know what my limitations are. But I can manage a budget. And I do a darn good job of it.

It snowed here a bit today. And it was cold again. Didn’t get above freezing. Hard to believe it is the end of March. Warren has a nasty cold (evidently the same one I had last week). So, it’s going to be a quiet night tonight. Listening to some Johnny Cash while I read (at least until I doze off).

Thankful today that my audit was so good…and that I’m done with it for now.


Comments on: "I hate numbers" (7)

  1. Gotta love quiet nights early in the week. Congrats on surviving the finance meeting.

  2. hahaha! Looks like we know the same hatless aliens.

  3. Numbers make me nauseous. 😉

  4. Woo hoo! Glad your audit went well and that you did such a good job. I was a bank branch manager for a while and hated working with numbers! I mostly focused on managing the staff and soliciting business. 🙂

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