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The Club

So, my daughter has her replacement wheels. And it has a car alarm. She said its obnoxious and she loves it. It’s also touchy and went off this morning but she could hear it in her apartment on the other side of the building. That’s all good. But I’m a firm believer in putting up roadblocks for thieves. So, I ordered The Club for her tonight. It should be to her by Monday.

I had a really productive day at work too. I hope tomorrow is as productive. I have a grant ready to submit except for some final touches. The sun shone brightly today but it was still barely above 30 degrees. I’m ready for 80. Or at least 50.

Thankful for Andrea’s “new” car. It really is better than she had. Thankful for the sunshine.


Comments on: "The Club" (4)

  1. That club should help a lot. You rock, mom!

  2. I had to chuckle at ‘The Club’. A friend in college had two clubs in his car. One was the regular club. The other was baseball bat.

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