Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

My adorable grandson at one of his modeling photo shoots. I think this captures his playfulness perfectly.


He is always the first thing that makes me smile. But then I was looking at a card I got the other day. A perfect card from wonderful friends. It made me smile again tonight. Call me sentimental, but I keep that kind of stuff because it really does make me smile.



I’m planning on spending my day tomorrow reading and working on some computer projects. It is supposed to snow so I won’t want to be outside. Usually by now the weather is such that I’m getting out and cleaning up from winter and even sitting outside in a sweatshirt. But we are at least 20 degrees below normal and I can’t force myself to go outside any more than I have to. But it was March 28 and flip flop Friday even though my toes were cold.



Comments on: "Things that make me smile" (6)

  1. He’s already a heartbreaker 😛 That hair is gorgeous, such a great photo.

  2. Your grandson is an absolute doll. 😉

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