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Last Hurrah

Surely the snow today was the last one of the year. Seriously. It has to stop sometime, right? At least what came down today (a little over an inch I would guess) is all gone by now. But it was gray and dreary all day again. The sun is supposed to be out tomorrow though. And our warmest day of the year is expected on Monday!!! HipHipHooray!

Guess what I saw on my front porch this morning? A package I missed yesterday. It had the proof copy of Kirsten’s and my book. It looked great. But I saw some changes in the interior that I needed to make. So another upload. Just waiting on final review. I’m hopeful that I can promote it soon…like tomorrow soon.

I think I’m going to have to quit using my cleaning lady. Or maybe only once a month. I have to cut back expenses somewhere. It’s either that or give up my manicures. I really do love them both. But I can clean my house. I give myself a lousy manicure. Maybe I could find a part time job to support my lifestyle.

So, what am thankful for today? I’m thankful the sun is going to shine tomorrow. I’m thankful the snow is gone. I’m thankful my (pseudo) brother called today, even if he called just as I was dozing off for a nap. I’m thankful our book is really really close (and looks so good). I’m thankful I have another day of my weekend. Hey, if it gets above 40 and is sunny, maybe I can vacuum the inside of my car.


Comments on: "Last Hurrah" (4)

  1. Hurray for the sun! Hope it lasts since you guys really got nailed this winter.

  2. Keep the manis, I will clean your house. $50.00 bucks a pop. heh. OK, bad joke. My wife loooves her manicures. They are more important…

  3. When I retired I gave up manicures/pedicures, my monthly massage, my housekeeper, and the fancy all networks cable TV. This winter we cut our power bill nearly in half by not running the hot tub. Honestly, the only thing I REALLY miss is the housekeeper. I wish I had her back.

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