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Productive Monday

I had an amazingly productive day. I’ve had this pile of stuff that I needed to file sitting on my credenza. It’s been taunting me every day for months. I kept saying I would just take a day and get it cleaned up. Literally there were financial statements there from last fall. It just seemed so overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start.

Today was the day though. Not only did I clean up that huge stack, but it cleaned off my desk and cleaned out some files. I really felt good about what I accomplished. I almost hate to go to work and mess it all up again. But I’m thankful I did it. Kind of a clean slate.

I’m also thankful, I think, that I came out of the proverbial closet on Facebook today with my friends. I’ve kept my poetry writing a huge secret outside of the blogging world. Thanks to Kirsten though, I was brave enough to post about it. I am really not confident when it comes to this. I keep waiting on someone to point at me and laugh and ask what made me think I could write poetry. (It could still happen!) I am thankful it hasn’t happened yet though.

By the way, Dreams of Love and Voices of Nature are both available on Kindle and paperback.


Comments on: "Productive Monday" (6)

  1. I have my copy of Voices of Nature on my Kindle now! I can’t wait to start reading the poetry…

  2. Big congrats on all of that. Stacks of files can be the things of nightmares.

  3. Kirsten said:

    I am really proud of you Pamela. I know how hard it was for you to come out as a Poet!! Nobody is going to laugh at you…you have a beautiful gift!!

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