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Guest Author S.K. Nicholls – From Daydreaming Schoolgirl to Hippie to Nurse to Author.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Thank you Chris, for the invitation to come here into the jungle to tell my story. To aid understanding the passion behind the author and the story that became Red Clay and Roses, and we are all driven by passion, I offer a mini-autobiography.


This dreamy eyed little first grader in 1966 used to get into serious trouble daydreaming in class. There were stories even then, swimming around in her head.


Somehow, she managed to graduate from college and become a registered nurse. Don’t cha just love that hair and that hat?


After a thirty year career, she retired. She had a story in her head that became Red Clay and Roses and she became an author.

Here is how that all came about:

<<<<Rewind: When our mother in Georgia had divorced our father in 1967, we left our small town and headed to the city. We three girls…

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Hump Day

Today was a productive day for me even though I don’t feel like I accomplished anything terribly important – well, some of it was important.

I spent the afternoon working from home – I get much more done without interruptions, especially when I can see outside. While the day wasn’t particularly sunny and hot, it was at least bright (until just a bit ago) and not freezing cold…and not as windy either. So, I got some odds and ends cleaned up and off my plate. That always feels good.

Tomorrow I need to work on a couple of grants that I want to submit. My secretary will be out all day at a training so the interruptions will be minimal.

But now, my work day is over – best part is I don’t have to drive home now 🙂

The rest of the week is easy from here – I’m always glad when I’m on the downhill side of the week. Happy Hump Day!!!!!

Weather Alert

My heart goes out to all who are impacted by the rash of tornados. Such devastation and loss of life.

We should all remember that it could happen to any of us at any time. Tell the people you love that you love them and appreciate them.

I appreciate all of you, dear readers. More than you know.

I stuck with it!

NaPoWriMo – National Poetry Writing Month – was April. Since there are only two days left, I think I’m safe in saying I stuck with it. I remember telling someone about the 11th or 12th that I was quitting. But I didn’t quit. I stuck with it.

The funny thing is that I post a poem nearly every day anyway. It’s just the idea of knowing I’m committed to doing it. Somehow that makes it more like a job.

But I’m thankful I stuck it out. I also stuck with it for the Just Jot it January. So, with only four months of the year, I’ve committed to posting every day for two of those months. I am thankful I have done it, but now I need to take a break and just enjoy writing. Besides, I will never get a new collection put together if I’m too busy doing other stuff.

Besides that, it was a wet, chilly day. I sure will be glad when Spring finally shows up. Heck, I want SUMMER!!!!!

Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson Book Review

You know that book you loved as a child. The one you remember reading and it makes you feel loved and warm inside? That book for me was Rabbit Hill. I read it over and over and over again. For some reason I’ve been thinking about that book lately. So, I pulled out my copy and read it again tonight.

What a delightful children’s story with a moral. I love Uncle Analdas, mostly because of his name I think. Georgie is a cutie though. The relationship the animals have to each other fascinated me.

The fact that the New Folks have such compassion for the animals though touched me. Nursing them back to health. Even the cat, Mr. Muldoon, was gentle. When the St. Francis of Assissi statue arrived, it was a message that there was enough to go around and the animals respected the garden because they had plenty.

I probably haven’t read this book in 30 years. It still held a magical charm for me. Is there a book from your childhood that affects you like that?

The Advocate by Teresa Burrell Book Review
This book grabbed me from the very first page. As Atty. Saber Brown is appointed as the attorney for Alexis, the twists and turns don’t stop. Alexis is a precocious ten year old who has experienced more in her young years than most adults. But Sabre can smell that something just isn’t right. She continues to look for answers, even involving a detective from across the country in Atlanta, as well as her best friend and fellow attorney, Bob. There are moments in the book where my heart sped up and stopped as I was waiting for something to happen. When nothing did, I was still sure the other shoe was going to drop. Eventually it did.

I’m anxious to read more books in this series. Just as soon as my heart slows back down. I gave this book five of five stars.


Wow! I just realized I have, not 300, but OVER 300 followers to this blog.

Who’d a thunk it? When I started this about a year and a half ago, it was just for me and I didn’t really expect anyone to follow me. Now, over 300 of you.

I’ve made some great friends. Thank you all. Now, I just need to write something worth reading, huh?

Outdoor chores

I truly do enjoy mowing. Today was the first time this season. I’m not sure how I did it, but if got done in record time…two hours flat. And I even stopped once for a break and a snack.

The yard looks so good after it has just been mowed but we have some work this year. There are big sections that really need to be re-seeded. And, of course, some weed ‘n feed is in order.

I did have a little issue with a field mouse. He shouldn’t have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Today I’m thankful for my mower time. Wish it had been 20 degrees warmer though. I had to wear sweats AND a jacket. It’s supposed to be a wet week, that will mean it will be next weekend before I can mow again.

Daffodils by Alex Martin Book Review

The story of Katy, Jem, Lionel, Ariadne, Cassandra and many others tells a tale based in a historical time. War makes friends of many otherwise separated by class and geography. The characters were fully developed and I felt like I was right there with them – I could hear the bombs and smell the gangrene. Katy suffers through so many tragic losses in her young life, but is a true lady (even without the title or class). She perseveres and moves past each loss in a unique mournful way but holds onto hope. This is a book that will make you believe in true love.

If I had any criticism of the book, it would be that a proofreader could have done a final read through and cleaned it up a bit. It was not unreadable by any means, but more typos than I like to see in a book.

If you enjoy historical romance, this is a must read. If you enjoy a good story that follows someone through several years, this is a must read.

Blue Man Group

One word


Okay, you know me well enough to know I will always have more to say than that. But seriously, it was indescribably amazing. I had never seen what they do and everyone who had seen them just said they couldn’t really describe it. I can’t put into words the experience. But it was extremely entertaining.

If you ever have an opportunity to see them, DO IT!!!!! It was one of the best things I’ve gone to.

So thankful we had the seats we did too. Close to the front on the aisle. Ran into a friend there with his daughter. He was in the nosebleed section and I’m sure it wasn’t as good up there. I meant to call him today and forgot.

Plus, I saw that Big Bad Voodoo Daddy will be there in May. I love their music. Trying to talk Warren into going to that now.

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