Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for


I witnessed just the cutest thing tonight. An elderly couple were having pizza at a local pizza place tonight. They sat next to each other on one side of the booth. Then when they left, he helped her out of the booth. Then got her coat and so very sweetly helped her on with it. But then, she did the same thing. They appear to have grown old together. And now they are taking care of each other. And when they left, they were holding hands. It may have been the only way they could stay steady on their feet, but is thought it was sweet.

Then, the table next to us had two women with a younger girl and guy (in their 20’s). I really didn’t pay any attention to them but assumed maybe it was a grandmother, mother or aunt with the kids. They got up to leave and the one woman came over and started talking to me. She said “I want to introduce myself. My name is Caroline and I have a bird.” I realized she was most likely from a group home and out for the evening. She proceeded to tell me where she lived. I asked what kind of bird. It was a green bird. I just kept talking to her and listening to her answers. Finally the young girl (who I now assume was a case worker) told her they had to go. I told Caroline how nice it was to meet her. And I meant it sincerely.

Today I’m thankful for the vignettes into people’s lives. Thankful I was able to experience both of these things.


Comments on: "Snapshots" (8)

  1. That does sound cute. It’s always interesting when an elderly stranger decides to tell you a story.

  2. That couple sounds absolutely adorable! I love witnessing couples like that. How nice that Caroline made a new friend.

  3. Aw…those are both aw moments.

  4. Great post. Real people living real lives, and the old couple – the way it should be.

  5. I’m grateful that you shared these precious people with us.

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