Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

This has been a great series so far. There are four books already published with more on the way. Starting with Beginning of a Hero we are introduced to this magical land of Windemere. The next book is Prodigy of Rainbow Tower and Nyx is introduced to us as another adventurer to help Luke. Following that is Allure of the Gypsies where Sari is introduced. Finally Family of the Tri-Rune. Less than a typical lunch out and you can buy all four. Really. You should buy these and read them so you are ready when book 5 is published.

Plus, today is Charles Yallowitz’ birthday. It would be an awesome birthday present for him if you bought his books. Or, if you have already read them, go ahead and gift them to a friend. Spread the love.


Comments on: "Legends of Windemere Series" (2)

  1. Thanks for the help. 🙂

  2. Happiest of Birthdays, Charles!

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