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Hello again

I haven’t posted for a few days. Quite frankly, I just didn’t feel like I had anything to say. I don’t know why, but I’ve been kind of blah lately. The weather finally improved and was warmer (70 degrees) but I just floated through the days.

But today I want to tell you I’m going to try and be back although I still probably don’t have anything to say.

I went to kindergarten this morning to read – I read “Where the Wild Things Are” – the kids loved it. I told them that for the rest of the school year, the teacher would figure out the best way to have one child bring me a book each week to read. That should be fun. Besides, I had run out of books at my house that were age appropriate.

The thermometer has been dropping today – it is about 25 degrees cooler now at 4:00 pm than it was at 8:00 am – and now they are saying we probably won’t be able to see the lunar eclipse because it will be SNOWING!!!! Seriously, they are calling for 1-2″ of snow tonight. I know it can snow in April, but I think we had plenty this winter that we should get a pass on it this year. I have sandals on today – I will NOT get my winter clothes and boots back out. It is the middle of April for crying out loud. Sheesh

Oh well, I’m thankful today that I was able to go to kindergarten – the kids always make me smile and laugh. They are so cute and eager to learn new things. This week’s chicken “doctors” told me all about the eggs they have in the incubator. Next week they will hopefully have at least one hatched chicken. That should be exciting.

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  1. Glad to see you are back I am trying to be back as well, although am somewhat intimidated by the sheer lack of posts in my email. That is a great book

  2. April – the flip flop month. And I don’t mean shoes… Two weeks more will make a big difference.

  3. Welcome back. Maybe the sudden weather change has you groggy. I know it throws me for a loop. Hopefully you don’t get any snow. That’s rather ridiculous.

  4. I couldn’t believe it when my sister told me it was snowing back home in Chicago today. What the heck….it’s April! Here in the Florida panhandle, it’s raining cats and dogs, but it hasn’t gotten as warm as it should for this time of year. Makes me feel antsy for summery warmth. Hope you’re getting back on track and feeling in the pink soon!

  5. Yes – we have snow. On the grass and on the trees. It looks like friggin’ December. I try to look at the bright side -it is pretty and it did not stick on the pavement and it is not a sgl digit…… Trying to look at the bright side……

    • Sleet here now. They are saying 2″ on the ground with 1″ on pavement by morning. I’m so tired of this. It was pretty in December. Now it just makes me cringe

  6. I loved that book and so did my kids. Such imagination. I guess I CAN believe it is still snowing where you are because our nights are still cool, which is uncommon for this time of year. Hope your springtime blossoms soon.

  7. May be mother nature is fighting back at the way she is constantly abused?

  8. We missed the eclipse, too 😦 Not weather but a time mistake. No more snow for you, young lady!

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