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Good Genes

I went over to my cousin’s house today. I do love her to pieces and am so glad they’ve moved here, although I still honestly don’t know why anyone would move here in purpose. Her brother (also my cousin, obviously) was here. I haven’t seen him in 40 years and then twice within about six months.

I was noticing how old he looked. Warren and I both commented later that he looked like he was close to 70. He is, in fact, only 58.

It just made me really thankful for my good genes. I’m 56 but hopefully I don’t look like I’m close to 70. Well, really, I hope I don’t look like I’m 56 either 😉


Comments on: "Good Genes" (5)

  1. It’s all about the DNA, huh? Guess I’m doomed.

  2. You look lovely my dear. Me? 53 but look older and certainly feel older from having two diseases. Blah. I hope the weather is warming some for you, third and fourth weeks of April should see the flip.

  3. You are beautiful and don’t even look fifty. I think I looked my best at forty. There is something about being over fifty that makes you look at other folk and wonder though. I have met some fifty year olds in my psych career and thought…wow, she must have had a really hard life.

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