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Nice day for a drive

Warren has been retired for several years. But he has a couple part time jobs. One is driving for a car dealership picking up used cars or doing dealer trades. But he had been doing that so long that they asked him to coordinate all the drivers for them. He occasionally has weekend trips but has a hard time getting drivers.

I told him I could help him out and it would give me a life extra spending money. It’s only minimum wage though.

Anyway, I put in my application and today was my first trip. It was a dealer trade and I drove two brand new Equinox. Less than 100 miles on each of them when I started. I got up early because I didn’t want to lose my entire day off. I left at 6:20. It was a beautiful day for a drive. Got back into town at 2:30.

But then a trip to see my dad meant I didn’t get home until 4:30. By then it was pretty windy outside and had cooled off.

My plans of doing nothing this weekend haven’t really worked out. But that’s okay. It was a pretty drive. And I didn’t have to think or talk to anyone. Plus I made a few bucks.


Comments on: "Nice day for a drive" (9)

  1. Isn’t it nice to just be out in it though? I stay cooped up in the house way too many hours each week. I think I am going to pick a day…any day, and just make it park day, or beach day…something outside…even lunch day out would be an improvement. Glad you got to visit with your dad. I know he was too.

  2. Sounds like fun. Some days doing a little casual ‘work’ is better than nothing.

  3. Sometimes it is nice to just hit the open road and drive;)

  4. Yay for dealer trades. My folks own a dealership which is where I worked for many years. Dealer trades are fun and get you outta the joint for a bit. I have had to take on a new full time job, but for about the next year until we pay down some stuff. It sucks on one hand, but is good to be busy again.

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