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Great News

The best news ever today. My daughter was down at the police station with a line up from the mugging/attack she witnessed the other day. Doing her civic duty and the right thing. While she was there, she asked them if they had ever heard anything about her stolen Jeep. Lo and behold, they found it the day after it was stolen and just didn’t feel it was important enough to contact her – cops are idiots!

But the good news is that the only things missing from it were the catalytic converter and ignition. Her couture gowns, garment rack, Soren’s car seat – all still in there and untouched. The bad news is that the victim (my daughter) has been penalized and charged an exorbitant $250 to recover her own vehicle. I think this is just wrong and the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. But she has thousands of dollars of gowns and other clothes she has made.

I’m thrilled though (but now totally broke). Anybody want to buy a 1998 Jeep Cherokee without a catalytic converter or ignition?????

On another note, it was good to spend time with my dad again today. Then I went to see my uncle and aunt. I always love seeing them.

Today was a good day.

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  1. Hey that IS great news! And yes cops can be idiots. I am so glad she got her things back. I have dealt with the impound lots many times when my daughter’s car was stolen (twice) or towed for illegal parking. They cut you no slack being the victim. At one point, with a car she had that was about worthless, the fees were over $700.00 and one lot kept shipping it off to another who tried to recover fees after we had already told them to keep the damn thing.

  2. Great news except for the extortion to get her own property back. Maybe you can sell the Jeep on Craig’s List or to a local garage for parts.

  3. Great news most of the way around, two thumbs up to your daughter!

  4. I’m not surprised she’s having to pay. It’s called: let’s penalize the innocent and the hard working, at least we can count on them. Totally idiotic.

  5. Finally catching up on posts! That’s crazy that they found the jeep but never notified your daughter! I guess the good lesson is to bug the police dept to death if you have had something stolen! Glad she recovered the other things.

  6. I get particularly frustrated because Mr. Brickhouse and Brickhouse Jr. are better and frolicking around enjoying this beautiful day. Sigh.

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