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It’s budget time of year for me. Ugh. I hate numbers. But at least I’ve started earlier this year and I think I’m in good shape. I have a meeting with my treasurer in the morning and board meeting on Thursday. We won’t even vote on the budget this week. So, yeah, I’m early. That’s good. But I still hate numbers. I’m just thankful I’m mostly done with it this year.

It was another gorgeous day today. It’s looking like rain tonight, but I’m loving the warmer weather.

Not much else going on. I’ve had my nose in work all day except for getting out for lunch. Boring me.


Comments on: "Budgets" (4)

  1. At least you can do numbers – I had remedial math in high skewl! So good to see the north warm up, such a difficult winter for you all. Nice here today, 93 in the valley, and 91 at home. 🙂

  2. Good luck with the numbers. Not a fan of them myself.

  3. My budgets go like this, am I spending less than I make? Good! or Bad (if the opposite it is true, lol).

  4. I’m so laughing at Green Embers’ comment. Ditto!

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