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A Handwritten card

I got home from work yesterday and stopped at the mailbox, as is my routine. There was a hand addressed envelope to me. I opened it up and it was a nice hand written note from Andra. Such a sweet gesture. I will treasure it.

But it got me to thinking. In the day of emails, texting and messaging, it seems that handwritten cards and notes have gone by the wayside. Now, I have horrible handwriting so nobody wants me to write them a letter I’m sure. But I always try and put a note in a card at least (even if the recipient can’t decipher my scribbles).

It meant that someone took time to actually write something and it is a heartfelt gesture. My card made me smile – as much for the gesture as the content. I’m thankful there are still people who value that.


Comments on: "A Handwritten card" (6)

  1. So sweet. Hand writing seems a dying art.
    I print all but my name these days.

  2. That’s really so nice she did that! I try to write as often as possible to my family and friends; sadly, I don’t get many handwritten missives back. I love using beautiful stationery and choosing just the right postage stamp to either match the occasion or the envelope. šŸ˜‰

  3. I love cards and handwritten letters. No email or text could ever compare to the feeling of opening the mailbox to find a handwritten note inside. We should write more of those. Bring on the stamps!

  4. I too love handwritten cards. Speaking of thank you cards, I posted on FB a Shutterfly offer for 12 free thank you cards. Not totally free you have to pay shipping but $4 for 12 personalized cards I thought was a pretty good deal. Check it out on my page if you want to order, it expires tomorrow.

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