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Outdoor chores

I truly do enjoy mowing. Today was the first time this season. I’m not sure how I did it, but if got done in record time…two hours flat. And I even stopped once for a break and a snack.

The yard looks so good after it has just been mowed but we have some work this year. There are big sections that really need to be re-seeded. And, of course, some weed ‘n feed is in order.

I did have a little issue with a field mouse. He shouldn’t have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Today I’m thankful for my mower time. Wish it had been 20 degrees warmer though. I had to wear sweats AND a jacket. It’s supposed to be a wet week, that will mean it will be next weekend before I can mow again.

Comments on: "Outdoor chores" (8)

  1. Until i moved to Florida I always enjoyed doing the mowing. Love that fresh mown scent in the air.

  2. Mouse RIP. Glad you enjoy mowing. That makes one of us. I have to use a hand reel type mower on my Bermuda grass. Have a good week

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