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You know that book you loved as a child. The one you remember reading and it makes you feel loved and warm inside? That book for me was Rabbit Hill. I read it over and over and over again. For some reason I’ve been thinking about that book lately. So, I pulled out my copy and read it again tonight.

What a delightful children’s story with a moral. I love Uncle Analdas, mostly because of his name I think. Georgie is a cutie though. The relationship the animals have to each other fascinated me.

The fact that the New Folks have such compassion for the animals though touched me. Nursing them back to health. Even the cat, Mr. Muldoon, was gentle. When the St. Francis of Assissi statue arrived, it was a message that there was enough to go around and the animals respected the garden because they had plenty.

I probably haven’t read this book in 30 years. It still held a magical charm for me. Is there a book from your childhood that affects you like that?


Comments on: "Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson Book Review" (1)

  1. Mine was Uncle Wiggley Longears, the rabbit gentleman. What is it with rabbits and children’s stories. Seems they make the best.

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