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I stuck with it!

NaPoWriMo – National Poetry Writing Month – was April. Since there are only two days left, I think I’m safe in saying I stuck with it. I remember telling someone about the 11th or 12th that I was quitting. But I didn’t quit. I stuck with it.

The funny thing is that I post a poem nearly every day anyway. It’s just the idea of knowing I’m committed to doing it. Somehow that makes it more like a job.

But I’m thankful I stuck it out. I also stuck with it for the Just Jot it January. So, with only four months of the year, I’ve committed to posting every day for two of those months. I am thankful I have done it, but now I need to take a break and just enjoy writing. Besides, I will never get a new collection put together if I’m too busy doing other stuff.

Besides that, it was a wet, chilly day. I sure will be glad when Spring finally shows up. Heck, I want SUMMER!!!!!

Comments on: "I stuck with it!" (4)

  1. Yay and yay all around! I’m for the break parts, too. Bartender! Add some ice cream to my pina colada!

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Yahoo! Good for you, Pam! I’m with you on wanting Summer. It’s freezing around here today!

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