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Thank you Chris, for the invitation to come here into the jungle to tell my story. To aid understanding the passion behind the author and the story that became Red Clay and Roses, and we are all driven by passion, I offer a mini-autobiography.


This dreamy eyed little first grader in 1966 used to get into serious trouble daydreaming in class. There were stories even then, swimming around in her head.


Somehow, she managed to graduate from college and become a registered nurse. Don’t cha just love that hair and that hat?


After a thirty year career, she retired. She had a story in her head that became Red Clay and Roses and she became an author.

Here is how that all came about:

<<<<Rewind: When our mother in Georgia had divorced our father in 1967, we left our small town and headed to the city. We three girls…

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Comments on: "Guest Author S.K. Nicholls – From Daydreaming Schoolgirl to Hippie to Nurse to Author." (2)

  1. THANK YOU Pamela 😀

  2. Thanks! You’re the greatest!

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