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Well, today has been interesting.

Went to a winery with a friend north of where we live. Had a tasting and one glass of wine slush. All of a sudden I didn’t feel good and just felt like I needed some fresh air. I got up to walk outside. I must have looked bad because Rhonda jumped up to follow me. Thankfully she did because evidently I passed out.

I refused an ambulance because I was feeling better. I figured it was low blood sugar since I had only had a few crackers with cheese since breakfast. Everyone was amazingly nice though.

Luckily Rhonda was the one driving. So we headed back to her house. I decided about ten miles out if town though that a trip to the ER was more than prudent. Called Warren and asked him to meet me there.

After a battery of tests (I refused the cat scan), they said I had low potassium. Okay, I can just eat more bananas, right? Not exactly. They needed to admit me to the hospital at least overnight for a potassium IV. If you have ever had that “pleasure”, you will know it is painful. It burns. They have had to slow it down and they even brought me this thing they use for babies to help with the pain.

But today I’m thankful I went to the hospital. Did I mention my levels were at a life threatening stage?

But the healthcare workers here have been amazing. Every single one of them. From the girl who drew my blood with not even the feeling of a pinch to the nurse who I keep apologizing to for being such a pain. I have everyone’s name and I’m writing a letter when I get out. I know the supervisors and the CEO so they will all hear how wonderfully I was taken care of.

How was your Sunday?


Comments on: "Healthcare Workers are Undervalued" (20)

  1. Wow, so glad you are OK Pamela! I told my wife what happened (teaches medical stuff online for a college), she said the low potassium is deadly. You dodged a big one there. Now, go be well!

  2. How frightening for you! Who’d have thought that low potassium would be so dangerous – I hope you stabilise soon Pamela. X

  3. Glad you’re doing better and the hospital staff is stellar. Hope you get out of there soon and get some rest.

  4. So sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Curious to know if they decided this was an acute problem or a chronic one? To me, it always nice to know what cause it so you can prevent it from occurring again. Hoping you can get out today and get back home where you can rest…and eat bananas, tomatoes, broccoli, and cantaloupe.

    • Most likely caused by my water pill got my high blood pressure. My family doctor has never ordered blood work in two years. I’m looking for a new doctor. It was 2.5 so it was dangerously low

      • Oh gosh yes and that should at least be checked every six months! They make potassium sparing water pills now. No need to be on the old ones. HCTZ is the worse, There are even better ones now than Spironolactone. Many old school docs go straight to the old pharmacopoeia. Your heart could have stopped. Deadly serious.

      • Round two of iv. I’m ready to go home. Maybe tonight

  5. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Pamela! I had a similar experience last year, and it scared the bejesus out of me…

    Take good care.

  6. Sending my best! Hope you recover quickly…

  7. Oh My Goodness, Pam! How scary!! So glad you went to the ER after all. I hope you are feeling better, chica! As I was reading I was hoping you did not have the evil stomach flu! My potassium levels dropped tremendously while I had the virus but was able to get them back to normal with potassium supplements! Yours must have been so low that they needed to give you some via an IV! Did they explain why they had dropped?

    • Water pill I take for my blood pressure most likely culprit. It was in the life threatening range. Scary stuff. Still below the acceptable range but with oral meds they think they can get it back in line. And I’m changing blood pressure meds so it doesn’t happen again.

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