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Pajama Party

Tonight I’m thankful for pajamas. Not those jammy pants you see kids (and others) wearing to WalMart.

Nope I mean real pajamas. The kind that cover your bum and other parts. I never really appreciated them before. Just took it for granted that I would always have pajamas.

Hospital gowns are awful. Although I rocked it. But only from the front! I’m much too modest to be in a hospital gown.

Today I’m thankful for my pajamas to cover me up. I’m also thankful for having the day to rest. I’m still feeling tired and worn out. I made an appointment with a new doctor. She comes highly recommended. But the first available appointment is June 23! I hope everything is okay until then. But I’m thankful to have the appointment. It will give me time to save up money to see her. I have a really high insurance deductible so I’m sure this will all be out if pocket. And my pockets are already empty.

Long live pajamas!


Comments on: "Pajama Party" (9)

  1. The trick with hospital gowns is to get two and put one on backwards.

  2. That hospital gown obviously traumatized you! I don’t blame you!! Here’s a toast to real pj’s and you feeling better!

  3. Great idea, Charles!!

  4. I am surprised a nurse didn’t share that trick with you. Maybe their supply was low. Ha! Good to know you are home and comfortable. Still need to take it easy and don’t do anything that causes you to get all sweaty. (No mowing lawns). You’ll lose it again.

  5. I’m so glad your better, Pamela…I was so concerned as this happened to me as well. I, too, changed doctors…not that I ever go to the doctor but she was supposed to be keeping track of my BP med 😛 I hope you rest more for a few days…my own episode was a real life changer for me – in many ways. Enjoy your pj’s and your own bed.

  6. I’m super behind on my blogs and FB reading and I apologize for that. What happened to you? Are you ok?

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