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New Record

We set a new record HIGH temperature today here. 89 degrees. And it was accompanied by sunshine!

After the winter of seemingly new record lows and record snowfalls on a regular basis, I’m ready for summer weather. And happy to set records for high temps instead of lows.

I’m thankful the weather is finally on the upswing!!!!!

Health update: I went to work today. I was still a bit shaky but I put in a full day. I got another blood test too (bruise less even!). I will call and see what the results were. I know my BP was higher than it should be this morning, but better this evening. I’m done with one of my prescriptions. Only two more days of potassium pills. Then all I have is my BP pill. As long as everything is okay then I prefer not taking a bunch of pills. But if I need to take pills, I will. I’m hoping tomorrow is a good day. My plan is to leave work by about 2:00 to start my weekend.


Comments on: "New Record" (8)

  1. Great news you are better, and the weather has warmed! We had 85 today but that is the normal range for here. YAY!!! Be well!!

  2. Hope you feel 100% soon and don’t push yourself. Hugs.

  3. I am happy to hear you are feeling better. I was thinking about you today when I looked at the thermometer in car – it read 90 degrees. I saw and I thought Poet Pamela – she must be loving the heat!!

  4. Hoping for a relatively Pill-Free & Sunny Mother’s Day Weekend for you!

  5. I’m glad you’re feeling better, and that you have a head start on the weekend. 😃.

  6. O! Glad to read you’re feeling better…take such good care and don’t over do it all…
    Sounds like early summer visited just when you needed a boost!

  7. I used to be upset with my mother because she took so many pills but now I do the same thing.

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