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April Showers…

Yep, another fine April day. It’s been rainy for two days. And it’s supposed to continue all through the night. Plus it’s only 53 degrees at 7:30 pm. And breezy. Yep, another typical April day.

Did you detect a note of sarcasm? You did? Wow, you’re good.

But in spite of the less than stellar weather, I had a great day. I had more energy today. Got lots accomplished at work and felt better than I have been. I’m extra thankful for that. One day at a time.

Gonna run now…I’ve got a new book downloaded that I really want to read.


Comments on: "April Showers…" (5)

  1. It’s April. The rain is right on schedule. Enjoy the read!

  2. I think I’m too tired to process things, for a second I thought it was April, lol. Yeah, the end of last week and the beginning of this week was pretty similar weather here, today the sun is out though. Reading on a rainy day though just feels so right, so yay for reading! 🙂

  3. Enjoy the weather the best way you can. Sounds like a good plan. No swimming today for me. Between thundershowers it was 90 degrees, so I felt like I was under water even though I never was in the pool.

  4. Oh! I’d love to hear the rain fall again! We haven’t a real down pour in probably a year 😦 Envious! It was 92 and dry and hot as the hinges of hell
    I’m glad your feeling better.

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