Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for


The calendar appears to be going backwards. The heat has kicked back on in the house. It hovered around 50 degrees most of the day.

I was attending an Early Learning Summit. It was held at a nearby community college. About five minutes into one of the sessions, the fire alarms started going off. So, we had the pleasure of going outside where it was not only cool, but also sprinkling rain. Even with that though, it was a good summit. I’m glad I attended. I now have a couple of new ideas to go back and try to implement. They were things I had thought about before, but this gave me a push toward getting them going.

I also have now been walking on my treadmill for 7 days in a row. I’m so out of shape. It is still taking me 20 minutes to get my short stubby legs to go a mile. But the important thing is that I’m walking a mile or more. I’m only up to 25 minutes a day. I will try and do 30-45 minutes a day by the end of next week. I have a surf shelf. It is this nifty shelf that allows me to secure a laptop or iPad so I can do other things while I walk. It helps pass the time and I feel like I’m accomplishing something besides walking.

I am also experimenting with my hair. I tried hot rollers tonight. I love the look but I will see if it will hold very long or not.

Today I’m thankful I attended an important summit for my job. I’m also thankful I have a surf shelf and that I’m getting back into a walking regimen. And I’m optimistically hopeful and thankful that I can make my hair have big bouncy curls and waves.

Hope your Thursday was good for you. I’m looking forward to Friday and the weekend.


Comments on: "Backwards" (12)

  1. Glad there was no fire! I admire your tenacity on the treadmill. It takes dedication to follow through which I don’t have for that. Hope you stay bouncy and curly!

  2. Sounds like a great day even with the fire alarm. Always a silver lining such as it wasn’t snowing when it happened.

  3. Would you like to trade your 50 degrees for my 92 degrees? Hahaha! Oh…lest I forget….make that with no A/C?
    Take it easy and have a restful week end.

  4. Treadmill? Seven days in a row? Congratulations! Sold mine. It was taking up too much space in the living room.

    • It’s hard to walk outside where I live. Dogs, always windy it seems, so a treadmill makes more sense. If I use it. I’m determined though to get back in shape and lose 40 pounds.

      • I had one because it was walking under the a/c. Didn’t work though. Turned out to be the walking part that was the problem. Good luck with the forty. I’m right there with you, though I could stand to loose a lot more.

  5. Why do I see you outside with a scepter screaming “listen to the queen!”

  6. You’re telling me!! It’s freezing and one of the baby falcon chicks didn’t make it! It’s all due to the cold/windy weather and the stress they are under because of it. Mama falcon is trying to keep them warm the best she can but now a second chick is looking weak. 😦 😦 😦

    Glad you are walking, girl! Keep it up! 🙂

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