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Awesome Weather

I haven’t been able to say awesome weather for a very long time. But today is definitely awesome weather. Mid-70’s, gentle breeze, loads of sunshine. And it is only supposed to get warmer this weekend. I cannot wait.

Had lunch with a friend today catching up – long overdue. Then a pedicure – also long overdue. Except they use some smelly stuff on my legs that gives me a horrible headache. I should go shower it off and take some Benadryl before I can’t breathe. But I’ve been too busy sitting outside in the sun.

Today I’m thankful for my friends. And I’m thankful for this gorgeous weather. Plus I’m really thankful for an extended weekend to do nothing but relax. I will, of course, still get on the treadmill every day (my streak has been going too long now to break it).

I hope you all have a great weekend and have a chance to remember those who have died serving us.


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  1. I’m visiting my parents this weekend and am hoping to accomplish the same thing. Read and relax. This month has been go go go go go and I’m burnt out. I need some serious relaxing time. I’d float on my raft in the lake but the water is WAY too cold yet. Enjoy the wonderful weather and relax!!

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