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Could Have Been Worse

So, my day didn’t really start the way I wanted to start the long weekend.

I did walk on the treadmill and even went a little longer than I have been. I felt really good about that. But then it was time to get in the shower. Then…I slipped getting out of the tub. I felt my feet going out from under me and it seemed to happen in slow motion (even though I know it happened very quickly). I fell hard on my left shin and had two large bruises instantly and managed somehow to also land hard on my chest. Now, that is one bruise no one will see – but it is purple and ugly.

I thought I was home alone at the time, but Warren had come home and walked in the door to hear me screaming. I ascertained that it most likely I didn’t break my leg and he helped me out of the tub. I have kept my leg up as much as I could today with an ice pack on it. It is very very tender and sore but I can walk pretty good. I’m hoping this doesn’t keep me off the treadmill tomorrow – but I think I will take it slow and walk tomorrow night instead of the morning.

I have spent most of the day laying on a deck chair in the sun reading. Finished the book I was reading and now I’m deciding what the next book will be. I grilled pork chops for dinner with baked sweet potatoes and corn. Dinner was tasty and I think I have been good enough that I can make some popcorn tonight.

Today I’m thankful that I didn’t break anything or hit my head or any number of things that could have been worse than some bruises. I’m thankful for the sun and the gorgeous weather we had today (it was about 75 degrees). I’m thankful that tomorrow and Monday the weather will be even a little warmer.

I hope you are all having a great holiday weekend.


Comments on: "Could Have Been Worse" (12)

  1. Glad you didn’t crack your noggin! A broken bone would keep you home wouldn’t it.

  2. You’re right, could have been and glad is wasn’t. Showers can be nasty. In about 1984, while in nursing school, I went down face first on the faucet while trying to shave my legs standing in the shower. Busted out my four front teeth. More blood than you could imagine. Cost me all the money I had saved to buy a living room furniture. They’re all crowns now. But a smile is worth so much more than that living room furniture would be worth today. Super glad you did NOT break a leg! Hope your bruises fade fast and you rest easy.

  3. 😦 I’m so glad this wasn’t more serious!

  4. Falls are really dangerous. Glad it was not worse.

  5. Oh no, Pam! You poor thing! Just getting over the whole Potassium scare and now this. 😦 Thank Goodness Warren was home to help you up. You sure nothing needs to get checked out by a doc? I know, I am nagging like a mom, but. Continue to rest up on your deck. It’s gorgeous here too. 🙂

    • I’m much better today. My boob is purple and my leg is bruised but I’m walking fine today. Although I was nervous about taking a shower today.

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