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New Acquaintance

Today I’m thankful I met someone. Bear with me, I will try and explain but it might end up being a long story.

I sell Avon. Yep, I’m an Avon lady. But I’ve never really bothered too much with it. I do it mostly for me. Anyway, one day I got a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize. I didn’t answer. They left a message. It was someone named Susan and she got my number from Avon as someone who she could order from. I don’t typically bother in my hometown because I work in the opposite direction. But I figured why not. I called her back and made arrangements to drop off a book to her.

About an hour later I got another phone call from yet another number. What the heck? Where were these people coming from? I called that lady back. She said her name was Celestine but everyone calls her Toots. Susan gave her my phone number. Now I’m starting to get a little skeptical but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to drop off a book.

So, I did just that. Susan wasn’t home so I left her book in the mailbox. But Toots was home. I introduced myself and she invited me in to her tiny very smoke filled apartment. The stale cigarette smell just about gagged me. But Toots was just charming. She’s probably 75 years old (maybe less, maybe more. I’m a horrible judge of age). A dried up thing who is legally blind. She wears these glasses that make coke bottles look thin. We chatted for a bit and I really liked her.

She called me with an order, as did Susan. They both needed to wait until their social security checks came before they could pay me. I figured I would take a chance…just once. So I called to deliver and make sure they were home.

I got to Susan’s twenty minutes after I told her I’d be there. While I was driving she called and left me a voicemail and told me since I didn’t get there to just cancel her order. WHAT???? I ignored the voicemail and stopped at her apartment. She answered the door and yelled at me. I stood there in shock. I very politely told her I was sorry I got delayed at my last stop and if she didn’t want the products, I wouldn’t leave them. She took them and paid for them. But what a crank!!!!

Next stop, Toots’ apartment. What a delightful old lady. But that stale cigarette smell in her apt about kills me. I asked about Susan. She told me not to worry about it because she can be really mean sometimes.

I did just ignore it. Next visit though, Toots told me that Susan told her that she didn’t think I liked her. Are we in junior high? I keep dropping books off and praying I don’t have to actually see her. So far I’ve been lucky.

But Toots found me another customer (her daughter) and I so enjoy chatting with her when I stop over. She is a hoot. She says whatever she’s thinking and calls a spade a spade. My kind of woman ☺️

I’m thankful I met Toots. She makes me laugh. Just goes to show you that you shouldn’t have preconceived ideas about people. Susan is another matter entirely though.

Comments on: "New Acquaintance" (10)

  1. Sorry for the misery, but you did make me laugh. I love little old ladies like toots.

  2. What a great story Pamela! Love it! ❀

  3. Great story! πŸ˜ƒ

  4. Toots sounds like an interesting lady. If you ever have the time, ask her if she would like to go for a little walk, that way you can chat out in the open air, enjoy her company and I am certain she enjoys yours:)

  5. Oh boy! What a sequence of funny events. Toots sounds like a hot ticket! Hopefully they will both continue to spread the word and you’ll get so many clients that you can pay off that hospital bill ASAP! πŸ™‚

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