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Catching Up

A few years ago I connected with a woman on a weight loss website. We encouraged each other. We still both struggle. As it turned out she grew up in a town less than an hour from me. Her dad still lives there and she comes back here for a long vacation every summer.

So we made plans to meet in person. That was six or so years ago. We make it a point to get together when she is here. We talk like long lost friends for hours.

Today was my day to meet up with her. We sat for over three hours in a restaurant in a town between her dad’s house and mine. It happened to be a town with the world’s worst cell phone service. I have Verizon and it kicks me into roaming and no data. She had something else and she couldn’t get anything either. That was a bit of a challenge when she couldn’t find the restaurant and couldn’t get ahold of me. But she made it!

Again it was a fun day of just jabbering away. I love how I’ve been able to connect with people all over. I am so appreciative that she takes precious time to spend a few hours with me when she is here.

I think today I’m thankful for the internet. It has allowed me to make some really good friends. The loss of service today also made me appreciate having it.

How about you? Have you made some long term friends because of the internet?

Comments on: "Catching Up" (4)

  1. I’ve made a few. Haven’t met any of them in person though. 😦

  2. Ahhh Verizon. Had it for many years and would never switch in spite of occasional signal issues. We have dropped calls inside the house once in a while. Staying with Verizon. Nice you can connect with old friends, good for the soul.

  3. I hope so. I’ve only met a few people in person who I’ve met on the internet. One turned out disastrous. Others have fizzled. I’m happy for you that you found a good friend. 🙂

  4. Yes…I met my husband on the internet 14 years ago. We’ll be married 13 years in June 🙂
    The internet has made the world smaller. Cheers to your friendship!

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