Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for


I finally bought some flowers today to make my hanging baskets. Warren had a gift card for his birthday that I used. Of course, that only paid for half of what I bought though. He made up the baskets tonight. They look very nice.

Tomorrow I have the day to myself. I think I’m going to see if I can buy a small table for the deck off the barn. And I need to spray paint the glider (but that depends on if it is too breezy or not). Then I’m going to head to the winery. I figure I can sit in the sun there and drink a glass or two of wine and have some fruit with cheese and crackers. And if I don’t have anyone join me, I can read. Looking forward to that. Although if I stayed home and sat in the sun and read, I could do it in a swimsuit so I could work on my tan. Such choices ☺️

Tonight was a wonderful evening to just sit outside. It was a little cooler than I like but it was so pleasant.

My peony bush has really opened up. This was two days ago.

And this was this morning.

And then tonight.


I was worried that my peony wouldn’t survive the winter. It seemed it had snow piled on it for months. I’m thankful it made it. And still only half of it has bloomed. It makes me happy.

I have so many flowers that are my favorites. But mostly sunflowers, irises and lilacs. What are your favorite flowers?


Comments on: "Flowers" (3)

  1. Pretty white peonies. I have not seen them before in person. too hot for them here and they did not grow in GA red clay. My grandmother had greenhouses at Lazy K nurseries which is now Holland Farms. The flowers? I loved them all. Nothing says spring to me quite like a daffodil, and the azaleas blooming. We have the azaleas here, but not the daffodils.

  2. I just invested probably way too much money on hanging baskets and more flowers for my yard. With so much company coming for my daughter’s graduation next week, I wanted the yard to look nice. I cannot wait until my peonies bloom! Those are my faves, and hydrangeas.

  3. Wow Pamela, such a beautiful yard and flowers. You are blessed my friend!

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