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Family reconnected

I had a really busy day at work today. It was crazy, but good. Then I got home and found out Warren wouldn’t get home until 11 pm. So, I did the only logical thing…I texted my cousin Jenny and asked if they wanted to meet me for dinner.

They did. And we all felt like drowning our sorrows. So, the three if us split two pitchers of margaritas. I can’t remember the last time I drank that much. But we had so much fun. Laughter was the best medicine. And believe me, I needed it tonight.

I got the insurance bill from my recent hospital visit. It was over $10,000. I was expecting it to be close, but this took it over the top. To put this in perspective, I pay $18,000 a year for my insurance with a $10,000 deductible. Looks like I will be paying this off the rest of my life. It’s crazy. But at least I’m not dead.

Tonight I’m thankful I’m slice and worrying about how to pay for all of the stuff (not that much really) to keep me alive. But mostly I’m thankful for reconnecting with my cousin. She has become like a sister to me. She and her husband are so much fun and I love them so much.

And I’m thankful for all the margaritas. I wonder if I will still be thankful for those in the morning when the alarm goes off at 5:30 am.

Hero Teaser Excerpt: Fizzle the Apple-Loving Drite

My favorite in Windemere is Fizzle – give this a read and read the entire book if you haven’t already

Legends of Windemere

This is part of Fizzle’s debut in Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero available on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents.

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen
Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

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Three Cigarettes by Jessica Bell

I thought I had reviewed this quite some time ago, but, alas, I can’t find it on here so I must have missed it.

Oh my. I really didn’t know what to expect from this story. At first it seemed so cute. Then it turned dark. The dreams, they were dreams, right?, became quite frightening. I loved how it all just seemed to be so logical and make perfect sense…even the dark parts. The psychological tricks our minds can play. Guilt controlling our every move. Read this story. It won’t take long. It will frighten you. It will entertain you. It will linger in your mind.

Honourary Dilettante Contest Update – Reviews, etc…

Ooooh a contest! And if you remember, I just review The Best Medicine and a few weeks ago, I reviewed Three Cigarettes.

The Bookmaker by Chris Fraser Review

Who doesn’t like a conspiracy theory, especially about a family like the Kennedy’s? It is quite a risk for an author to take on events still recent enough to be remembered.

Preston Walker was portrayed as a larger than life wealthy, but dying, old man. Some of the characters felt a bit too contrived to me and the book could have used another run through by a proofreader. However, the book was thoroughly engaging and kept me wondering what was next.

I would recommend this book, as long as you can read without picking apart things that probably couldn’t really happen. It was purely entertaining and a great weekend read.

Long Weekends

I truly love long weekends – not only does it give me more days to my weekend, but it will make the work week shorter too!

I had lunch with a friend, read a good book (hopefully I will get it finished and a review posted yet tonight), got a little more sun, grilled out dinner and generally enjoyed my day. Plus I completed Day 18 on the treadmill. I’ve been doing so much better with the food I’m eating too. For lunch, instead of something really bad for me, I had a strawberry, spinach, grilled chicken salad – it was delicious and I will definitely go back for it!

I’m thankful for my day

Hero Teaser Excerpt: Luke Callindor the Aspiring Hero

This is the first book in a great series

Legends of Windemere

This is part of Luke Callindor’s debut in Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero available on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents.

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

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Sunday Night

Sunday nights are so much more fun when I know I don’t have to get up and work on Monday morning. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. But the older I get and the better the weather is, the more I’m ready to retire.

Today was glorious. I spent the day in the sun. I’m bright pink, but by Tuesday I will be brown. I love this weather. It was only upper 70’s, tomorrow will be in the 80’s. Perfect weather. No humidity. No clouds. Lots of sun.

And I still got on the treadmill. That is 16 days in a row. I went a little slower today because my leg was still sore, but it still did it! Yay me!

I started and finished one book, one short story, and started a new book. Other than that, I did nothing. Like I said, perfect.

I’m thankful for this awesome weather…and the time to lay in the sun. I’m thankful for time to read. I’m thankful for my determination to be on the treadmill. I’m thankful that I’ve started cutting back on my food intake. Hopefully the scale will reflect that soon. Although I have to say, the older I get, the harder weight loss is. I’m thankful that I already have plans to go to the Indy 500 in 2016. It will be the 100th running. I’ve lived less than two hours away from from the Speedway and I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never been to the track for the time trials or the race.

The Best Medicine by Jessica B. Bell Review

This was a dark short story. There was hope throughout the story that kept me reading. I don’t typically read anything that deals with undead or zombie like creatures. This was a quick story of a woman and her daughter. The woman, Judy, had worked for the company who had created the drugs that turned people into flesh eating monsters.

While the story was well- written, I can’t really say I can recommend it…unless you like this sort of story. It only takes a few minutes to read though, so give it a chance. If you dare.

An Innocent Client by Scott Pratt Review
This was an interesting suspense story. Joe Dillard wants to quit being a criminal defense lawyer. This book details his final cases. There are, of course, plot twists. I can’t say I was terribly surprised by anything but it was still a fun read. Joe has a birthday wish…just to have one innocent client. As the story unfolds, we meet some colorful characters. Erlene sounds like someone I probably wouldn’t be friends with, but she is definitely unpredictable and fun.

The author’s way of describing characters and the dialogue made me feel as if I was in the same space and knew these people.

I gave this book four out of five stars and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading attorney type suspense stories. I will be adding book #2 in the series to my books to read.

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