Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for


It was another perfect day in northern Indiana. I have spent most of the weekend outside in my deck. I could certainly get used to this life. Reading, sunning, time with family and napping.

Then I grilled out for dinner. We had corn in the cob with delicious chicken breasts that had been marinated in a Caribbean jerk sauce. Add a mixed greens side salad and you have a perfect dinner too.

I hate to see this all end, but the rain is heading this way later tonight. Or I hope it does. We really need some rain for our garden to grow.

But I’m thankful tonight for my weekend. I relaxed. I read. I visited my dad. I visited my uncle and aunt. My cousin came for drinks and laughter. What’s not to be thankful for with all of that?

Comments on: "Jerk" (17)

  1. I liked the title and I liked the post. Thanks, Pamela!

  2. Great news! Enjoy the summer. 👍

  3. Nice job with the title. I expected something more rant-like, so it was a nice surprise to hear about a delicious marinade. Need to buy more of that flavor.

    • These were actually already marinated at the grocery. I wish I had bought more. But I suppose I can always go back.

      • There’s such a casualness to that last line. 🙂

      • Actually, it’s a big deal to go to a real grocery store. The ones in town are small or WalMart. If I want a meat counter, I have to drive 30 miles to a bigger town. So, I suppose I could buy more…next time I’m in town

      • Sorry. Honestly, I’ve always lived in easy access to supermarkets. Tend to forget that it’s not like that everywhere.

      • I just live in rural America. We have the basics in our town. But for a larger town, we have to think about it and plan ahead. And since gas has hit $3.99 a gallon, I don’t just run up there much.

      • Gas prices are nuts. That’s why I try to walk everywhere. I’d bike, but the poor thing never made it back to New York. Do you have a local butcher?

      • No. Trust me, this is a small town. Plus I live 10 miles out of the nearest small town in the country. It’s all a trade off. And one I’m more than willing to make to have six acres of peace and quiet.

      • Six acres sounds nice. Like paradise to someone in the middle of suburbia. 🙂

      • We have neighbors though. One across the road, but we never see them as they tend to stay indoors. The neighbor to the south of us is never outside except to mow their several acres. And the neighbor to the north is so far away that we don’t see them and I wouldn’t recognize them if they walked into my yard. Just the way I like it. My daughter lives in the city and I don’t know how she stands it.

      • I think I’d prefer the distance to being in the city. Even visiting NYC feels exhausting and I get lost. Guess I’ll always be a suburbanite. 🙂

  4. So glad the only jerk in this story was the sauce. I was gearing up to punch someone on your behalf! 🙂

  5. Sounds like a perfect day. Where were the Mosquitoes? I remember them from my stint in Indiana.

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