Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for


I’m fanatical about a few things – I have a few other qualities (some may call them faults), but the biggest things I’m fanatical about tonight will be described below.

My House – I love a clean house. I have cut my cleaning lady back to just once a month – that means I have to clean a lot more. Tonight would have been the night I would have come home from work to a clean house – but since she wasn’t here today, I came home to a dirty house. I bit the bullet and cleaned tonight. It is exhausting to work all day and then clean all evening. But this way I can enjoy my day off tomorrow and Saturday without guilt.  A clean house makes me smile.

My Steelers – Yes, they are MY Steelers. I put the Fan in Fanatical. I am a huge fan and have an entire lower level of the house devoted to my Steelers. Last January when I was in Florida I found an awesome sign that I could have custom made – It says “Pamela’s Cave” with Steelers colors and logo. I was tired of always seeing signs that said “man cave”. First of all, I don’t think I’m the only woman who has her own space. Second, I wanted one to shout my Steelers loyalty. But I have digressed. I got my new SkinIt decal for my Kindle yesterday. I figured I should put it on my Kindle just in case someone didn’t know I was a fan.


Today I’m thankful that I’m fanatical about a few things.

What about you? Are you fanatical about anything?


Comments on: "Fanatical" (13)

  1. An internet fanatic I suppose. Aren’t Kindles actually an iPad or Samsung product?

  2. I noticed that reads Pamela’s 2nd Kindle…LOL. How many do you own?

  3. Ever notice that when you’re asked a question like that on the spot, you can’t answer? All I can think of is pizza.

  4. I share your Steeler illness. I think you could have gone one more step and put Steeler Gold on that thumb nail.

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