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Playing Hooky

I took today off. It was Friday and perfect weather. And my girlfriend from Tampa is in town. She and I went to two wineries and our favorite Mexican restaurant. It was a relaxing day. I was happy she didn’t want to do a bunch of running around.

I’m thankful she was here. Thankful we had great weather. Thankful for a day off. Thankful I didn’t overheat or make bad choices. Thankful I completed day 29 on the treadmill (it’s starting to feel like just what I do when I get up in the morning now). Thankful I had a quiet evening. Thankful tomorrow is Saturday and I have zero plans.

Comments on: "Playing Hooky" (7)

  1. Yay for hooky! Please oh please enable the Mobile version of your site. Its tough to nav on a phone. 😊

  2. Hooky is fun! Enjoy your Saturday of zero plans;)

  3. Sounds like a perfect Friday, especially with the wineries.

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