Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for


I feel like I have a new sister. My cousin who just moved here from Vegas has been so much fun. I am really enjoying her company. And since my real sister and I have zero in common, this has been delightful.

Tonight I had dinner with them, her brother plus my uncle and aunt. We have so much fun together. In fact a couple of weeks ago, I was out drinking and having dinner with her and her husband when my uncle and aunt showed up for awhile. My uncle talks about how much he has enjoyed being with us.

I’m grateful for these times. And being able to reconnect with family.


Comments on: "Family" (3)

  1. Family tyme has no value except precious. My son and daughter in mind. God bless your family, Pamela. BTW, it’s 104 just now at 5:30PM. Heh…

  2. Having family to connect with is a blessing. Most people do not understand this until it is too late. I am so happy you gots some family peeps to hang out with:)

  3. Family connections are the best! Any way you can get them, cousins and aunt and uncle sound very pleasant and loving, nice to have around! Going out and enjoying good times is also nice!

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