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Challenging Day

It’s been a day filled with challenges. First my dad (he’s fine, but his caregiver has hurt himself. Long story) Then my new office neighbor (I’m not feeling neighborly).

But all’s well that ends well. Had dinner with a friend I haven’t spent much time with in the last two years (I think the new boyfriend is finally wearing off the newness and she can spend time with her friends again).

That is all. Just a Tuesday. But I’m most thankful that tomorrow is a new day.


Comments on: "Challenging Day" (11)

  1. Hate it when a boyfriend loses that new beau smell. 😀

  2. Isn’t that funny? I have a girlfriend who just recently broke up with a boyfriend. We’re having an early dinner tomorrow night and she’s bringing me guppies. She hasn’t been over since we had the new porch put on. Nice when they do remember their friends. (Bad about the breakup though).

  3. I remember new neighbor. Usually loud and always borrowing stuff.

  4. So sorry about your father’s caretaker and any and all consequences, along with extra burdens that come about from this. I have been meaning to read your posts more, I have followed you for such a long time, yet I am way behind…Sorry about that, too! Smiles, Robin

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