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Stephen King is my favorite author. I especially loved his early books like The Shining, Cujo, Carrie and many others. Then he got weird. I had high hopes for Mr. Mercedes. There was no paranormal activity to horrify. There was only a run of the mill suspense book.

Mr. Mercedes is the one case that retired detective Hodges had not been able to solve. I had to suspend belief that a retired cop would enlist the help of a teenager and a middle aged emotionally challenged woman. Mr. Mercedes was not really all that scary. Certainly it wasn’t the horror books that King is known for either.

I gave this book four stars out of five, but it really should have been three and a half stars. It wasn’t anything spectacular. And not what I’ve come to expect from my favorite author. However, it was mostly an interesting book and if you like suspense books, you might enjoy this one.

Comments on: "Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King Review" (5)

  1. I felt the same way. I missed the horror and so forth. It was just okay.

  2. I like detective and mystery stories, so this is right up my ‘alley!’ Thanks for taking the time to read it and review it. I like his partners, since I like quirky characters, too! Smiles, Robin

  3. I’ve nearly bought it a couple of times, but I always change my mind because I prefer his horrors. I reckon I’ll give this one a miss and wait and see what he brings out next.

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