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Support Staff

Tomorrow is the biggest single fundraiser I do every year at work. We have our golf outing. It is something like our 17th year so it is pretty much a well-oiled machine. Pretty much doesn’t equate to perfect though.

My secretary’s husband’s grandmother died and they had to travel today to Ohio to the viewing and the funeral is tomorrow. She was really good at getting just about everything ready. Just about doesn’t equate to everything though.

Plus our signature summer program (Kindergarten Countdown) is in full swing – letters are going out to the parents this week. Again, we have done this before so it isn’t new. I’ve been begging for the student lists from the teachers so we could get parent packets out quickly. The lists came today. That means the packets need to go out today or tomorrow, but Friday at the latest. I’m not a secretary so it takes me twice three times as long to do the mail merge. I can do it (I think hope), but on top of everything else that has to happen, it is confusing me.

It is day’s like today that make me truly appreciate my secretary. Believe me I tell her a lot and do things to show my appreciation so it isn’t that she doesn’t know. But today I truly am grateful for all that she does to support me.




Comments on: "Support Staff" (3)

  1. Good luck with your fundraiser and I admire that you put all of your energy into this fine deed! I have hope it will be the best one ever! Smiles, Robin

  2. Ouch! Good luck and I am sure all will go smoothly. You seem to be very detail oriented and organized so I have no doubt it will all work out. šŸ™‚

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