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Queen size comfort

It has been quite a couple of days. Told dad we can’t take care of him anymore. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Now we start the process of finding him a facility. He still thinks he will be accepted in assisted living. I’m pretty sure he needs too much care, but they can tell him – not me.

So, tonight I’m here again for nighttime babysitting duty. I miss my own bed. But dad is already telling me what he wants who to have. I keep telling him we have time for that later. Once we know where he is going to move to, we can figure out what he can keep and then go from there.

I’m exhausted tonight. It must be the stress because I’ve been sleeping just as much as always. Of course, sleeping on a couch isn’t quite the same thing.

Tonight I’m especially thankful that my dad has accepted that he needs to move into a facility. I’m also thankful for my bed. I didn’t realize how much I like my bed. I’m thankful for all of the thoughts, prayers and good wishes from my friends. That’s the thing about having friends your age, they have either gone through the same thing, or are going through it, or are worrying they are next.


Comments on: "Queen size comfort" (10)

  1. Sending you hugs.

  2. I hope this time to be short for the sorrow it brings. Keep – in your mind’s heart – his wishes. One day these will matter.

    You have been so strong through this journey with your father. I send some of my strength and prayers to you…


  3. Well, it sounds like he realizes that he cannot live on his own and is open to the next step even if it may not be exactly what he is thinking. That’s smart to let them tell him that he cannot be in an assisted living facility so that you don’t have that burden! Deep breaths! 🙂

  4. Hugs, Pamela. Not an easy time for you, I know. x

  5. You also need time for yourself to rest and think and take care of you. I’d force you if I were close enough to manage it.

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